River Service s.r.l. has always been committed to offering quality services. For this reason, with a view to constant improvement and innovation, it has obtained GMP + certification.

Logistic Operator

River Service is one of the major logistics operators that has developed through inter modality, with a particular focus on eco-sustainability.

Eco-sustainable choices

By favouring a change of mode, River Service has since 2011, taken over 40 thousand trucks from the roads.

River Service is the concessionaire of warehouses for the storage of products

In Mantua and Rovigo, River Service is the concessionaire of warehouses for the storage of bulk and packaged products. In particular as regards bulk goods, in Rovigo we have a total storage capacity of approximately 100,000 cubic meters, with the possibility of placing approximately 60,000 tons of bulk products, divided into seven load cells.

ON AIR interview with Dario Aggio: ‘Environmentally friendly logistics’.

The company

Banchina dell’Azoto 15
30175 Marghera (Ve)
Tel. +39 041 2911911
Tax Code and VAT number 03702570270

Viale delle Industrie 55
45100 Rovigo (Ro)
Tel. +39 0425 1904228

Porto Valdaro
46010 Mantua (Mn)
Tel. +39 0376 1695459

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