River Service is a logistics operator that specialises in inter-modality, with a particular focus on eco-sustainability.

This is the reason for choosing the sites in which it operates. River Service is in fact present in the inland ports of Rovigo and Mantua which have unique characteristics in Italy, as it is possible to access them through the threefold modalities: river, rail, and road.

Since the establishment of the company in 2011, over 40 thousand trucks have been taken from the roads to date, thanks to River Service‘s commitment to favouring this change of method. If all these trucks were in a column one behind the other, they would form a snake 600 kilo-meters long, which is the distance that divides Milan from Rome.

This translates into lower atmospheric Co2 emissions. Each year, in fact, about 75 – 77 tons less of Co2 are emitted into the atmosphere.
In Mantua and Rovigo, River Service is the concessionaire of warehouses for the storage of bulk or packaged products.